Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Baby McDonald

September 22 Baby McDonald was born at 3:13 weighing in at 8'2 and 21 inches, Karina looks great and all the siblings are excited to have a new brother. This is just one more step that we wanted to have before we left for our mission. We are so happy that all is well.

Monday, September 20, 2010

We are staying with Derek,Missy ,Jake, and Kayla

Here is Jake with his "new Best Friend". We have had fun playing and now Jake can sing "I hope they call me on a Mission".

Made it to Utah

We left for Las Vegas later than I thought we would. At the end the house was empty and I reflected on how hard it was to but the home and keep it during all the single years. Sis Soper brought over two big boxes of jam and that took us over the edge for packing. We had to leave our coolers with friends. Good visit with the Warnicks then off the Provo. By the time I got to the MTC I had blisters all over my feet so I had to go barefoot! It was good to meet with our tutor and get more french training

Monday, September 13, 2010

We are on our way....

Three more days of clean up and packing and off to Utah

check, check, check

After the thumb surgery I flew to Val's to re-cooperate for a week then flew home late Wednesday night, Thursday the Dr. took the stitches out and we went to serve the last time at the temple with homemade cinnamon bread to celebrate. We slept at the temple Apt. and awoke at 4:00am to catch our flight to San Francisco to get our French Visa..Wow we were tired!, Visited SF ,and fell asleep awaiting for our flight. The French consulate was very French until he noticed that I was Lady Chatterley and then he joked with me about being the "Lady". We visited a 35 story building that Jim constructed and the "boss" let us up on the roof that looked over the whole city, golden gate bridge, coit tower, pier 39, after we had clam chowder and shrimp salad.
Saturday was wash, study French with our tutor and write our talks.
Sunday at 8:00am we and 3 other missionaries including one returning, met with the high council. We born testimony and visited with them
At 9:00am we were set apart and it was the most spiritual experience I have ever had. We are both blessed with the gift of tongues, and health. I, the power of discernment and an overflowing knowledge of the language and overflowing love for Jim. I was told that we would be more blessed away from our children and grand children. It was the most spiritual experience.