Monday, December 20, 2010

Joyeux Noel

Here we are during one of the snow days this December, after the snow the next day is beautiful and sunny and then after, of course, melt and mush, and then start all over, But, we love the snow even though we did have an accident and hit a truck one evening after driving home from the Institute. The Jura mountains are behind me in the other picture after the melt

Soiree Noel at the party

Monday, December 13, 2010

the centre de Jeunes Adults avec mon Amies

here are two friends as we decorate the centre, this is right after I got my hair done and as you can see it is a little french looking, more reddish and styled than usual. It took 3 hours for the hair dresser and it was all in french, I was hoping that she understood what I wanted, so all and all , it was OK

the famous hiding wall in old Geneva

this is the wall that they only open at Christmas to celebrate the Esclade, it is very narrow and feels medieval, all done with stones, the celebration honors the lady who poured soup and the pot to stop the French from conquering the swiss troupes, there are parades and fife and drums and costumes, it is the biggest celebration in Europe and we happened to run into it after we were trying to sing Noel carols in the street

caroling downtown, in french, mais Qui

the celebration ESCLADE , 1602 the swiss lady poured soup and then the pot on top of the french to stopo the war, today they break a chocolat pot filled with candy, this is at the Insitute with Amies and Bro Simonee
we have pics from the Institute decorating and from the cold outside.

Monday, December 6, 2010

ice and snow

and Lac de Geneva, with Mont Blanc in background

ch√Ęteau de voltaire