Tuesday, August 31, 2010

re cooperating from thumb surgery

Yesterday I had in office surgery on my triggger thumb and don't really ever want to go through that again, to hear and feel the surgery- no put me under, but at least i can say that I did experience it. So tomorrow, very early I fly to Val's for R&R while Jim finishes the major clean up on the house. keeping this short- can't type

Friday, August 27, 2010

Too much studying

We enjoyed the weekend with the Chatterley reunion and Seth's farewell. we went to Lake Tahoe on Sat. and Sunday was food, family and fun (along with church, of course). This whole week was about Seminary and Institute, classes and instruction, along with studying French in between.Thursday night was my last full night as an ordinance worker (at least for 2 years). I am attending the Southern California Institute training tomorrow in Valencia. And of course everyday a few more things get packed away. I even started folding my clothes for the mission! Just haven't packed them yet. Too soon.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

family reunions continue

We are in between reunions so I will update. Hopefully sometime I will be able to post the family pics we took in Zions. First we went to Bryce canyon and with out cell phone we connected at noon from California, Michigan,Draper, and SLC. We hiked and visited as we all haven't been together since grandma Joyce's funeral. Then we drove down to Zion's. We stayed in a lovely large home and got to swim, hike, play dress ups, dance, sing, church, and eat. All the Lunds were there except the Mark Lund family and we greatly missed them., and of course Dallas who is serving in DI. Today is wash, water, study,clean some more and get ready for the Chatterley reunion. As Jim and I drove we studied the Scripture mastery and French. We had many blessings and prayers answered while we traveled, even a li.s

Thursday, August 12, 2010

family reunions

This week we first the family reunion's. First we will be at the Lund's for the Zion's Ponderosa s Ranch.'s Then off to the Chatterley 's for Seth's farewell. In the mean time we have been blessed to have confirmed the date to get our French visa in San Francisco, Sept 10. We have also been studying the scripture mastery and have Cd's on French. So while we are traveling we will be studying.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Last week was a tough week getting all the info that is needed for our visa Today I am awaiting the last piece of info they need, my birth certificate coming all the way from Penn, I guess by pony express. Once we get that when we will quick mail all the SLC and then wait for the call the go to San Francisco to get our French visa. This I am preparing for the Lund reunion in Zion's Ponderosa and then off to the Chatterley reunion for Seth's farewell. One more interesting thing happen last Wednesday , we got the code to get into the S & I, that is Seminary and Institute! Wow there is tons of info there. Too scary! I am upping my study time after looking at all that! But many wonderful spiritual blessings already. The Lord answers prayers even my humble silly ones.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New travel stree Aug 2,2010

We get a phone call from Mission travel today asking where our info is, and wondering if we ever got it, well we never got it! So now we are having to get original birth,,marriage, police report, bank info, all for a French and Swiss Visa, It looks like we will be in Ferney-Voltaire, right across the river from Geneva, but in Frence, I sure am glad that I am studing Francais.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aug 1, House rented

We have finally finished the paper work and are happy to say that Elaine and Rex will be living in our house while we are on our mission. Dorothy Ae helped make all this possible by being" at the right place and the right time." Today we feel blessed to have been working hard at cleaning up, and sorting ,and giving away many things that we no longer need. Jim celebrated his brithday this week and we are hoping to get him some better shoes to use. We are soring out suticases and trying to find theright backpacks. All theses things get in the way on me studying french everyday and reading up on Switzerland and of course studying Preach my Gospel.