Friday, June 17, 2011

My Passions...right now

I feel moved to send my thoughts right now after having a busy week of last minute changes to our demonstration, our interpretation of Fiddler on the Rood,or as we french speakers are calling Traditions de nos Peres. A few days ago I hear about the Tony awards going to the latest B of M interpretation on Broadway right when we are finishing our little YSA theatre. Timing is interesting.! I feel so happy to be able to share my love of the arts with the YSA, I feel honored to serve here and be able to share my love of the gospel of Jesus Christ restored to the earth in the latter days. As my passion for the Gospel and the Arts are both so strong today, my prayer is that the realm true message will be heard and interpreted correctly

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

new birth,new life

April 6, 2011 Nikki gave birth to their 2 child, a little girl, well not exactly 8 1/2 pounds. As I ponder a the new growth outside our window I also wonder as to all the new little ones that are entering the world and growing while we are here in Ferney Voltaire,France. Outside our window are thousands of yellow and white flowers. Earlier this spring we saw primroses which I jokingly called Dandy-lyons and now I see that there lawn is covered in yellow and white. As we have just been enriched by General Conference so to has the earth been enriched with beauty from heaven and earth. Welcome to earth new little one!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

MT BLANC..part one

We began this field trip believing it would be an exciting visit to the town of Chamonix, about 1 1/2 hours from our home, at the base of the highest mts in Europe. It was Conference weekend and 70 outside, very warm beautiful day.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Sorry I havent sent any news, we have been busy with life and missionary work.  And next two weeks are filled with many meetings, so many that I fear that I will be getting sitting too much.  I thoughtI would talk about.langauge today and Ferney Voltare.  Fereny is about as close as one can get to the border of Swiss,   In the 1800. France was and still is, very Catholic.  Swisse was more experimental and free and open to change thus John Calvin and the Reformation,  After Voltaire was sent to the Bastille in Paris several times he looked for a place and thought that Fereny was the best place for him, close to more freedom but still in his love, France,  After he died they added his name to the town,  He lived in a Chateau where he entertained many Kings, Princes and famous people.  This chateau is  1minute fast, fast walk from our apartmetnt.  he is famous for many letters ,writings , Candide, and other stories. What I have read I don.t agree with alot, but he is interesing. He has a problem with the Catholic religion but also many traditions which are good ,  He also questions the strenght of the Jews. He started industry including bees and honey, watch making, silk, and lace,  We know someone that still has beehives but has yet to find the slik and lace,  When I find I will try to learn more.  Lagnauge is getting easier and today when I was reading the box  for cooking, I said ,Oh, I was looking and reading and then realized it was french and I kind of thought that it was Eng;ish and of course talking to myself in french and dreaming in french,  But it is still very very challenging and interesting.   Do they celebrate Ground hogs day?  Yes, but it is called La Chadeleur, fete de la Lumiere or jour de crepes   , and if the light shine (lumiere)s one gets 6 more weeks of winter., kind of the same idea. So, study study now when you are young and can retain more., love, MOM Soeur et PAt

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


if any one can help us out, our blog has gone to pot, it is     It does not put the script with the pictures so we may have to change it and start over, Please, if anyone has more patience and computer skills than me   *yes,.... that would be all of you*  But Jim does not take the time to update and I would like to have it work with greater ease and attractive.   Thanks,  HOpe all are well, We are busy this week and next with meetings where we sit and listen  all day and then night too.... *hopefully we will make it throught all of them*  love, |MOM< Soeur and PAt

Email to Blog!

Testing out a new function that may allow me to email my blog posts.  Will also add an attachement (photo) to see if it works too.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

continue to try to get this blog right

sorry, we are not getting this blog spot correct all the time

The mission routine is getting a little easier now. We attend Geneva I which is English speaking with about 1/4 from Africa, speaking English and or French, 1/8 from the Asian Islands and the rest from Utah!, Not really, not the good core people are very strong blue bloods (well there are some for Utes.)Mondays are SP, FHE Tuesday regular FHE ,wed, French New Testament, thursday Eternal Marriage in French and D&C in English and Friday Activities. This last weekend was the dance in Yverdon with a hour plus drive and almost thirty attendingfrom Geneva and the rest from all over Europe.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yverdon for YSA bal and visit

We enjoyed beautiful weather as we traveled north past Lausanne Switzerland to Yverdon, famous for its hot springs founded in 1400's. The bal was attended by almost 30 from our area and the rest from Germany, Italy, and France. Food was simple salads and sandwiches. The music was disco including Califorina Dreamin which I sang right out loud to!

Yverdon, Swirzerland YSA bal and visit

Yesterday we were lucky to have beautiful weather as we traveled north around the lack passed Lausanne up to Yverdon to attend a bal which had YSA from Italy, France, Switzerland, and Germany, at least those are the ones I talked to, The lighting and music was disco. When they played California Dreamin I sang right out loud! The food was grated carrot and potato and green salad and simple sandwiches and drinks. We counted almost thirty from our area! A great success! The old part of town dates from 1411 with the discovery of hot springs which it continues to be famous for. I almost felt like I was back in Venice with the canals.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

two missionary homecoming parties

The Gex ward received to more Rm's home, Simon Constantino and Jordan Mathias. Both young adults spoke French, Simon was in Canada. Jordan's party consisted of crepes with all kinds of toppings including white African grown grapefruit which we have since both another because it was so succulent. Simon's had tons of open face sandwiches and tons of desserts, all of which we had to try. The best thing about the evenings is the unity of theses young men and the strength of the gospel in this area. I look forward to working with them. A great bonus from Simon was finding out that he works at the true $dollar store. They receive tons of overstock items, some junk, each day, Fun place to discover treasures I didn't know I needed.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

4 baptisms and beautiful finds

We enjoyed 4 baptisms from brethren from Cameron, Nigeria and Iran. The best was witnessing a baptism being performed by Joe (Joshua) baptized a few months ago. This week we joined the library for 15e and then everytime you take a book out you pay 1e. I started , I am loving to read about this area, so far I have read, along with the many church preparations Jesus the Christ (still reading) Ensigns, Liahonas and New Eras , the following The jot of cooking about French cooking, Chocolat, the Diary of Anna Franh, the Olive readers, (futuristic), and Histoire de France, so you can see little theme going here. How do I have enough time to read? Well, I had Shingles and have not been as physically active as usual as you can probably tell from the fuller pics, so reading and knitting have been helping. I have knitting 11 scarves for humanitarian aid and gifts ( like ,,,made in France!!!) We also discovered the real dollar store which has over stocked items, very cool,one of our YSA works there. And two RM have returned ready to be put to work here. We have two homecomings to attend this weekend. love love the beautiful land and people

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ballons, buffalo and deer all in one day

We took a Senior Missionary field trip to Chateaux -d'oex international festival de ballons. It was a clear beautiful day. It took 2 hours to get their but we visited along the way and saw vinyards and more Chateau de Chillion along the way

Friday, January 28, 2011

teaching dancing in Geneva

So typical all around the world, there are three YSA women waiting for the men to come to learn the cha cha and swing, then three more girls come and one man and just as in L.A. there are many levels of skill and talent, A fun night for all I hope, even if we did start out knitting and chatting and waiting. We had 13 when we left about 9:00 pm, as we had set up instruction from 7-8:30 and had an early morning the next day. Good news is we had 3 nonmembers or soon to be baptized.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

french class at the mission home

On Wednesday's we have French class with all the old Senior missionaries. It is a combination of the teacher Elder Asey who has taught French in jr, sr, and college levels and a Rm from France, and other s who have used French on their mission, others who are spouses who may have taken French in school (that would be me) and others who can hardly speak English and that would include many others. Our poor teacher has to keep it interesting and uplifting and stimulating for 2 hours. Well, that is very hard for those who can not sit for longer that 1 hour (that would be me). Anyways today , he held all of our attention when he acted out, in French of course.. Goldie locks and the 3 bears ( Jim thought it was Little Read Ridinghood and wanted to know what was going on) Anyways, a good way to learn a language is with childrens literature. Jim bought a children.s dictionary with pictures and I bought a high school French histoire book because I love history and want to know more about the people and I am trying to read the Histoire de France adult 3 part book but am only comprehending about one or two parts per page, that is why I had to buy the high school version. So, to learn something new, simple simple, and today Jim said the opening prayer and the teacher said I tip my chapeau (hat) off to you, you are learning!!! It is working > we are getting more language, Au revoir for now

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

qui, the internet is up at home now

we are typing at home for the first time in three months here. We dont even have a pic to show our excitement, but we are very happy to be able to work and study at home now