Thursday, February 17, 2011


Sorry I havent sent any news, we have been busy with life and missionary work.  And next two weeks are filled with many meetings, so many that I fear that I will be getting sitting too much.  I thoughtI would talk about.langauge today and Ferney Voltare.  Fereny is about as close as one can get to the border of Swiss,   In the 1800. France was and still is, very Catholic.  Swisse was more experimental and free and open to change thus John Calvin and the Reformation,  After Voltaire was sent to the Bastille in Paris several times he looked for a place and thought that Fereny was the best place for him, close to more freedom but still in his love, France,  After he died they added his name to the town,  He lived in a Chateau where he entertained many Kings, Princes and famous people.  This chateau is  1minute fast, fast walk from our apartmetnt.  he is famous for many letters ,writings , Candide, and other stories. What I have read I don.t agree with alot, but he is interesing. He has a problem with the Catholic religion but also many traditions which are good ,  He also questions the strenght of the Jews. He started industry including bees and honey, watch making, silk, and lace,  We know someone that still has beehives but has yet to find the slik and lace,  When I find I will try to learn more.  Lagnauge is getting easier and today when I was reading the box  for cooking, I said ,Oh, I was looking and reading and then realized it was french and I kind of thought that it was Eng;ish and of course talking to myself in french and dreaming in french,  But it is still very very challenging and interesting.   Do they celebrate Ground hogs day?  Yes, but it is called La Chadeleur, fete de la Lumiere or jour de crepes   , and if the light shine (lumiere)s one gets 6 more weeks of winter., kind of the same idea. So, study study now when you are young and can retain more., love, MOM Soeur et PAt

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