Saturday, February 5, 2011

4 baptisms and beautiful finds

We enjoyed 4 baptisms from brethren from Cameron, Nigeria and Iran. The best was witnessing a baptism being performed by Joe (Joshua) baptized a few months ago. This week we joined the library for 15e and then everytime you take a book out you pay 1e. I started , I am loving to read about this area, so far I have read, along with the many church preparations Jesus the Christ (still reading) Ensigns, Liahonas and New Eras , the following The jot of cooking about French cooking, Chocolat, the Diary of Anna Franh, the Olive readers, (futuristic), and Histoire de France, so you can see little theme going here. How do I have enough time to read? Well, I had Shingles and have not been as physically active as usual as you can probably tell from the fuller pics, so reading and knitting have been helping. I have knitting 11 scarves for humanitarian aid and gifts ( like ,,,made in France!!!) We also discovered the real dollar store which has over stocked items, very cool,one of our YSA works there. And two RM have returned ready to be put to work here. We have two homecomings to attend this weekend. love love the beautiful land and people

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